There are days when I can yell at the neighbour when she forgets another appointment, grumble when someone in the queue cuts in and beat myself up when…

February 2023

It seems that in thinking about how I want to value my time and playing with it, I have stumbled upon a centuries-old vision of it: Kairos.
Along with thirty-two other women, I co-wrote the book 'No Ordinary Words'. For this book, ordinary women from all over the world came together.
For almost all my life, I have been writing stories. On paper, on the computer and in my head. As a little girl inspired by Thea Beckman, I even once…
Enjoying a historic site in silence, without all those tourists with their cameras, are golden moments for me. But in silence, sometimes another history…

January 2023

What must I dare to give up if I assume my time is worth its weight in gold? What must I learn to leave behind to go for what I would really like to do…

November 2022

Time is worth money. But then how much money is my time worth? And what if my time were worth gold? I explore these questions and more in this article.
What a time it has been! I had to float for a while until my inner lion would shout me awake again.

August 2022

Five years ago, I was staying on the threshold between the old and the new. On the edge of the ocean, I felt pregnant of a new life.
First, let's get acquainted. Getting to know someone better starts with discovering where they are 'coming from'.
First, let's get acquainted. I am Daphne, tea lover, opinionated, contrarian thinker and writer.
Dit is Daphne Drinkt Thee, een nieuwsbrief waar je vooral geen zoete koekjes en wollige small talk vindt.