There are days when I can yell at the neighbour when she forgets another appointment, grumble when someone in the queue cuts in and beat myself up when I forget to cover the firewood properly.  I notice then: I am actually at war with myself.
It seems that in thinking about how I want to value my time and playing with it, I have stumbled upon a centuries-old vision of it: Kairos.
Along with thirty-two other women, I co-wrote the book 'No Ordinary Words'. For this book, ordinary women from all over the world came together.
For almost all my life, I have been writing stories. On paper, on the computer and in my head. As a little girl inspired by Thea Beckman, I even once…
Enjoying a historic site in silence, without all those tourists with their cameras, are golden moments for me. But in silence, sometimes another history…
What must I dare to give up if I assume my time is worth its weight in gold? What must I learn to leave behind to go for what I would really like to do…
Time is worth money. But then how much money is my time worth? And what if my time were worth gold? I explore these questions and more in this article.
What a time it has been! I had to float for a while until my inner lion would shout me awake again.
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