I am someone who dares to see and question the dark side of herself, others and our world, because I know that if you seek the truth you must also be able to handle reality. I navigate the dark waters of our world, diving into unexplored depths where I discover new ideas about our evolution, history, the cycles and patterns of our world.

Lets weave a New Story

More than two years ago, I embarked on an adventure called blogging. With a cup of good tea, a sweetener made by my love, in a small caravan in southern Spain, I wrote every fortnight about my quest and the sometimes confusing outside world on my blog Daphne drinks Tea. The project, like me and my home, has since undergone several transformations and has increasingly become a love affair: with my way of questioning, of telling and of articulating.

During the last transformation, I started to see this love affair more and more as a gift, a gift to myself but also to my readers. This gift I would like to share with the world.

Being free

A gift is free and comes into the world without any expectations, but a gift is also honest, raw and sometimes hard to accept. That's why you won't find sweet biscuits and woolly small talk here.

Nor will you get my columns in your digital mailbox at a set time.

Because I usually write my columns after a spontaneous dive into the murky waters of the subjects that touch me. During a walk with the dogs, when my hands are tilling the earth or while harvesting tomatoes, my thoughts go there without any warning in search of hidden treasures. Once resurfaced with all these insights, I feel the desire to weave a new story with them. My story, your story, our story.

Travel with me

In my columns I take you to those sometimes dark depths, to the places where not so many dare to go and share with you the self-wisdom I found there. I weave that new story in the hope that you too will find a treasure that will help you further on your special path. A treasure that helps you find your own words, a love affair with your own story.

Are you ready? Then journey with me. Enter your e-mail address here and explore another side: of yourself, the other, the world!

I see you there,


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A blog about the positive wisdom found in the darker corners of life. I take you on a dive into the depths of my feelings only to surface with pearls of recognition.


Hi, I'm Daphne. Tea lover, opinionated, contrary thinker and writer. At times theatrical and eccentric, but above all a quiet observer, a critical thinker who asks herself raw questions and expects honest answers.